Columbus Recycling Do’s and Dont’s

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Columbus’ response to citywide recycling has been great and continues to grow. If you or your neighbors still need some tips on what can and can’t be recycled, here’s the word straight from RecyColumbus.

Recycling Tips

  • No sorting required.
  • If you keep your recyclables in a plastic bag before carrying them to the cart, don’t put the bag into the cart. Instead empty the bag into the cart, then throw the bag into the trash.
  • Lids, caps and labels can be kept on recyclable containers.
  • Do not place dirty recyclables, like un-rinsed jars,
    in the cart.
  • Reference the graphic on the lid of your blue cart if
    you are unsure whether or not an item is accepted.

Give Them Some Space

We’ve got the easy part when we recycle. We just drop it in the blue cart and roll it to the same location as your regular trash container on pick-up day every other week.That’s two weeks worth of recycling, and you and I both know that can be a heavy load. But our recycling crews do not have to be all muscle to empty the blue carts into those big white trucks.

We’ve got an “app” for that… or rather, we have an arm.

Rumpke is equipping more and more of their trucks with automated arms and front-loading bins. The automated hydraulic arm latches on to the blue carts and tips them into a separate front-loading bin that is attached to the front of the truck. As the bin is filled, it gets hoisted and emptied into the top of the truck. The mechanical arm greatly improves the safety, speed and efficiency of collection allowing Rumpke to collect more recycling over a shorter period of time.

To help with collection, place the cart within one foot of the curb or alley, with the arrow facing outward and at least three feet from trash or other recycling carts, or other obstructions. This will give the arm room to maneuver.

Remember… recycling is collected in the same location as your trash and that the blue cart must be placed out for collection by 6 a.m. on your collection day. After collection, containers must be removed and stored within 24 hours.

Here’s the latest numbers on Recyling in Columbus!

April saw a total tonnage of 2,517 tons of recycled materials diverted from landfills and reused to make products. Landfill savings totaled $139,595 from your recycling efforts.

For the year, so far, 9,841 tons of recyclables have been collected, saving a total of $545,571 in landfill fees. That’s over a half-million dollars saved in just the first 4 months of 2013.

Yard Waste Collection Season is Here

And just a reminder: Recycling is collected every other week alternating with yard waste. Yard waste will continue to be collected in biodegradable bags or a separate rigid container, not in the blue cart.

For more information on Recyling in Columbus, please visit:

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