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Harrison Park

Harrison Park runs along the east bank of the Olentangy River in Harrison West between Quality Place and West Second Avenue. The park includes a leg of the Olentangy Recreation Trail, a gazebo, a playground and four sculptures designed by students at the Columbus College of Art and Design.

Harrison Park Condominiums

The Harrison Park Condominiums occupy the former A. C. Humko site in the center of Harrison West. The development abuts—and is named for—Harrison Park and includes homes, flats and a community center.

Side by Side Park

Side by Side Park welcomes visitors to Harrison West where the Olentangy Recreation Trail meets West Third Avenue. The park includes a leg of the Olentangy Recreation Trail, formal gardens and a sculpture, Side by Side by Charlotte Lees.

Around the Neighborhood

Harrison West is an Columbus, Ohio neighborhood bounded roughly by West Fifth Avenue on the north, Goodale Street on the south, Harrison Avenue on the East and the railroad tracks just west of Olentangy River Road on the west. We are sandwiched between Victorian Village and the city of Grandview and are a part of Columbus' Short North.

Harrison West Infrastructure and Improvements

Harrison West is a growing, vibrant, diverse community that is working to improve its infrastructure and make it an even safer, more fun place to live, work and play.

Battelle Green Space

Battelle generously shares a portion of its property with the residents of Harrison West. The Battelle Green Space—an unofficial designation—is located between Perry Street and the Olentangy Recreation Trail at West Third Avenue. The area is great for softball, touch football and frisbee, not to mention kite flying and sunbathing. It's crossed at its northern edge by path connecting the neighborhood to the Trail.

Neighborhood Events

We like to have parties in Harrison West. Whether it's the annual winter party, a summer block party, or the celebration of a community achievement, residents and visitors have a great time.

Surrounding Neighborhoods

Harrison West is surrounded by number of other great neighborhoods including Grandview, the University District, the Circles, Victorian Village, and the Arena District.

Harrison West Park

The oldest park in the neighborhood, Harrison West Park can be found at the corner of Oregon and West Fourth Avenues. It's a tranquil space with mature trees, a central bed and a raised bed. The park also features a charming playground for young children.


Parties in Harrison West

2015 Earth Day Tree Planting

12 volunteers planted 200 seedlings in 90 minute along the Olentangy River at Side by Side Park and Harrison Park. Wish you were here!