Have You Renewed?

Holiday parties. Harrison Park. Funk-ee-Town Playground. HarrisonWest.org. An unobstructed view of the Olentangy River. Wheeler Dog Park. Harrison Park Condos. Harrison West Park. Five—five!—works of public art. Welcoming neighborhood signage. Side by Side Park. Trees. Sidewalk repair.

All of these things share one thread: The Harrison West Society. Without the society, none of these Harrison West features would be part of our neighborhood’s history. The list of the society’s accomplishments is long—much longer than the few items mentioned here—but the society could have accomplished none of them without the support of active members who are invested in the neighborhood and who pay dues.

Dues are the lifeblood of the society’s initiatives. Dues have paid for photocopying and mailing invitations to parties. Dues have funded voting events where we chose sculptures for our parks. Dues have purchased doughnuts and coffee for volunteers who spend their Saturdays removing trash from the Olentangy River bank. Dues have bought the signage that welcomes visitors and residents to our neighborhood. Dues keep open our lines of communication with the neighborhood.

For as little as five dollars a year, you can become a member of the Harrison West Society. For five buck, you can help us keep moving our neighborhood forward. As a member, you’ll enjoy all the wonderful things that the society does for our neighborhood and you’ll get a direct voice in the future of our neighborhood. Society members vote on the important issues that affect our neighborhood every day. If you’re not a member, you can’t vote.

Won’t you join us?

Download the membership form and send it, along with your check, to:

Harrison West Society
P.O. Box 163442
Columbus, OH 43216

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