Harrison West Society Meeting

The next Harrison West Society meeting will be held Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. in the Harrison Park Condos Community Center. The minutes from the September meeting are now available on the Harrison West Website, as is the agenda for the October meeting. Among other agenda items will be the presentation of a revised proposal for the Harrison Park Flats.

Wagenbrenner Development has responded to a number of concerns expressed by community members by making significant changes to the original proposal. A summary of those changes is detailed below by Jacob Sukosd, Harrison West Planning and Development Committee Chair.

As the planning and development chair of the Harrison West Society, I have continued to meet with Wagenbrenner Development on the questions and concerns regarding the buildings to be built on West First Avenue. Based on these meetings and the concerns expressed, the developer has made a number of changes and would like to share the following information:

  • The buildings have been reduced to four stories, and will contain a total of 108 units (84 one-bedroom, 24 two-bedroom)
  • The revised parking ratio allows for 1.5 spots per unit, which meets code and no longer requires a variance.
  • Adding the 36 units planned for Harrison Park Place to the number of currently built units and the number in Wagenbrenner Development’s revised proposal for the Park Flats, the total Harrison Park development will total 344 units. This is one unit fewer than allowed by the zoning documents.
  • The units will be lease/purchase and developed with individual parcel numbers through the County Recorder’s office. To qualify for a lease, potential renters must first qualify to purchase the unit.
  • The dwelling units will be ready to sell upon completion by using a portfolio lender who will allow purchase in a lease product.
  • The developer has committed to adding two additional cardio machines to the fitness center and continues to work with the manager to insure that equipment remains in good working order.
  • Only lease holders (no guests) will be allowed to use the fitness center.
  • Wagenbrenner’s goal is to sell all the units before the end of five years.

These changes have left only one variance that needs to be received to move forward with this development. This is the variance to increase the amount of units on that lot from 75 to 108. Because of the time it takes for the application to go through departmental review, the developer has already made an application to City Council that incorporates the above noted changes. This review should be complete by our October 19 meeting and will point out if any other variances are needed. The Harrison West Society will be voting on this new proposal at our October 19 meeting, and City Council will likely hear the request in November.

If you have questions that you would like to ask prior to October 19, please click here to send Jacob an e-mail; he will do his best to answer before the meeting.

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