Seeking Support to Purchase Battelle Green Space

IMG_1706C’mon. Admit it. You love the Battelle Green Space. You play Frisbee and quidditch and touch football there. You throw the ball for your dog. You picnic there and lay out on sunny days. It’s the respite you need driving along West Third Avenue on your way home after a hard day. It’s where you collapse after a long bike ride or run on the Olentangy Trail. The question is, do you love it enough to save it?

It may look like a city park, but the Battelle Green Space is private property that Battelle has shared with the residents of Harrison West for decades, and we’re very grateful to Battelle for their generosity. As all things do, though, that arrangement may be about to change. Battelle is considering selling its property in Harrison West, including the green space, to a developer. The Harrison West Society has been in talks with Battelle and Columbus Recreation and Parks to purchase the green space to make it an official city park. Harrison West has money set aside specifically for the purchase of green space, and this would be the perfect use of those funds.

Representatives from the society will be meeting with City Councilmembers in the near future and asking them to support our bid. We will deliver to them a packet of materials underscoring why it’s important to preserve the Battelle Green Space in its current location and form, and we think an integral part of the packet must be letters of support from residents.

If we’re going to be successful, we need you—yes, YOU—to download, print, sign and return this letter to the society. (Here’s a link to a Word document if you would prefer to edit the boilerplate letter.) If you would prefer to write your own letter, that’s even better! We also are asking everyone to talk to their neighbors and encourage them to provide a letter for our packet as well. It would be great if we had a hundred letters or more!

We need signed letters by December 10, 2015. You can get them to us in any number of ways:

  • Hand it to Tim Price, David Carey, Mary MacDonald, Adrienne Ruenzi, Chris Ruder, Dean Curry, Bob Mangia, Jacob Sukosd, Stephanie Doughtery, Nicci Adelmeyer, Mark Subel, Matthew Williams, or any other active society member.
  • Scan it and mail it to, or
  • Mail it to Harrison West Society / P.O. Box 163442 / Columbus, OH 43216.

To quote Bartles and Jaymes from the 1980s, “Thank you for your support.” Let’s save the Battelle Green Space!

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