Resident Profile – Somer Mager, 30

By Mary Martineau

Somer Mager

Somer Mager is sometimes known as “SomSom” by those near and dear to her and as “Somertime” to friends she’s met through local online community, Columbus Underground. Somer has been a Harrison West resident living in the apartment complex at Thurber Drive and West First Avenue for two years. Hailing from Wichita Falls, Texas, Somer came to Columbus by way of Dallas in 2006 when she was transferred here for work. Though born and raised in Texas, Somer has come to love Harrison West and Columbus (mostly). “I do miss the all of the accents in Texas,” she says. When it is noted that she does not have a pronounced Texas drawl, Somer laughs and explains, “I have to readjust my accent when I come back from my hometown. My family is still in Texas, so I return to visit a few times a year, and I usually stay for a couple weeks over Christmas. Trust me, my accent makes some of my local friends crazy for a little while when I return from being around my friends and family in Texas.” When asked what she misses about Texas Somer is quick to declare, “Well, I miss not having to deal with the snow, and I do miss the really authentic Mexican food. But other than that, places are places, and I’ve found plenty to like about Columbus.”

Somer works in sales for an international printing and publishing firm. She’s constantly on the go meeting with current and potential clients. With a personality as big and bright as the stars in Texas, it’s an occupation that suits her perfectly. “I’m quite the chatter, and I just couldn’t deal with sitting in a cubicle all day, so selling is a natural fit for me. I’ve been doing this since college, and it’s the only real job I’ve ever had.”

When not volunteering at the North Market or for various Columbus Music Co-op benefits, you might find Somer out and about enjoying Tip Top Kitchen and Cocktails down on Gay Street (or any of the Betty’s Family of Restaurants, really). Or perhaps you’ll run into her catching the Phantods or another live music show at The Summit or dancing up a storm at Skully’s Music Diner (especially on Ladies’ 80s nights). When not hitting the town and spending some quiet time at home, Somer admits that her guilty pleasure is watching certain reality shows on Bravo. She is particularly addicted to Flipping Out and offers the following summary of the program: “Jeff Lewis is this guy who totally has OCD, and he flips houses. I love the show, and I use Jeff as my insanity barometer. If I feel like he’s been crazier than me that week, then it’s all OK. But if I feel like I’m the one who’s had the more outrageous behavior, then I know that I have to reel it in some for the rest of the week.”

When looking for her current residence, Somer wanted to stay in or near the Short North but get a little farther away from the hassles that come with living directly on High Street—which she did for a time. She loves Harrison West and the feeling of living in a truly cozy neighborhood that maintains perfect proximity to the entertainment and culture of the Short North. And being within walking distance of local hangouts Caffe’ Apropos and Café Corner doesn’t hurt either. Somer’s current dream: to someday be a Harrison West homeowner. Maybe a wish on one of those big Texas stars the next time she’s visiting family will make that dream come true!

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