Got an Opinion? Speak Up!

As directed by the membership at the October 19, 2011 Harrison West Society meeting, the executive board of the Society has sent a letter to Columbus City Council member A. Troy Miller expressing its opposition to the variance request for the property on the south west corner of West First Avenue and Perry Street. The variance must be approved before development of the Harrison Park: Park Flats project—as currently proposed—can begin. The Society encourages all members and residents to express their opinions about issues that affect our neighborhood, including this one. To that end, Jacob Sukosd, chair of the Society’s Planning and Development Committee, has provided these instructions for doing so.

Residents can track the progress of the Harrison Park: Park Flats proposal through the City of Columbus website: Click on the “Engineering” tab and enter the application number, 11315-00000-00576, in the Record Number field. Click Search at the bottom of the page; the proposal should appear. Click on the proposal number to see details.

You can voice your opinion about the proposal by sending a letter to planner Dana Hitt at the City of Columbus Department of Building and Zoning Services. Direct correspondence to him at 757 Carolyn Avenue, Columbus, OH 43224. Your letter should reference application number CV11-030. You may also e-mail any Columbus City Council member about the proposal. Find the e-mail addresses of their legislative aides at Council member A. Troy Miller chairs the Zoning Committee, but all members will vote on the requested variance at a date to be determined.

The Harrison West Society Planning Committee Chair will notify the Society membership when city council schedules a date to hear the variance request. We expect council to schedule this proposal for a meeting in January 2012.

If you have questions about the proposed development or about contacting the city regarding this matter, please contact Jacob at

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