Wheeler Dog Park Temporarily Closed

3221After numerous complaints about its condition, the city decided on February 3, 2015 to close Wheeler Park temporarily. According to Mollie O’Donnell from Columbus Recreation and Parks, “We inspected [Wheeler Park] today with the snow melt, and both sides are not good. We made the decision to close it today until we can get the lawn in better condition.” Recreation and Parks seeded the original fenced area in the fall of last year, but they will need to wait until spring of this year to determine whether or not the seeding has been successful. Irrigation was added to the park in the fall as well, and that, combined with the reseeding, should allow the turf to withstand the traffic in our neighborhood’s very small and popular dog park. The city’s goal remains to rotate the active areas of the park as they manage the turf.

We know that closing Wheeler is an inconvenience and a bummer, but please be patient while the city continues to work on getting the park into the shape it needs to be to provide a great experience for both dogs and their people.

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