UIRF Ready to Receive Project Proposals

harrison west artUIRF Senior Planner Todd Singer made a special presentation to the Harrison West Society on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 inviting our members to submit proposals for UIRF Funding either independently or through the society. Projects in the following categories are most likely to be accepted by the city for completion.

• Park improvements
• Street trees
• Multi-use asphalt path or other bike facility (lanes or sharrows)
• Street Lighting – standard, “cobra head”
• Street Lighting – decorative (only eligible in commercial districts)
• Stream related improvements
• Alley repair
• New sidewalks (not sidewalk repair)
• Intersection or road improvements (addition of turn or travel lanes)
• Curb replacements
• Road “diet” (removal of a travel lane)
• Planted medians
• Curb ramps
• Intersection “bump outs”
• Other traffic calming

You can submit projects directly to the UIRF team via their website, which will be available soon at http://www.columbus.gov/Templates/Detail.aspx?ekfrm=63999. Alternatively, you can email UIRF staff directly at uirf@columbus.gov.

As we discussed at our regular meeting on February 19, the society will be submitting a list proposals of culled from our  neighborhood priority list. If you have suggestions for projects to add to the society’s list, please feel free to email your project idea to uirf@harrisonwest.org. Mr. Singer suggested that projects submitted by civic associations are more likely to win funds than independent submission. We will be submitting our list shortly before the UIRF deadline of March 15, 2014.

UIRF will be reviewing our proposals, and we anticipate voting to approve a final list in May or June.

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