Resident Profile – Tim Price, 44

By Mary Martineau

Timothy Joseph Price was named after his uncle. He is fondly referred to as “Timmay” by his friends and neighbors on Bradley Street. Tim works in market research for CareSource, a Medicaid nonprofit health plan. He’s only been with the company for six months, but he has worked frequently in market research for insurance and health care companies since he graduated from Capital University with a political science degree.

Tim has owned his home on Bradley Street for seven years. A friend told him about the house that was “for sale by owner,” so he went to check it out. “I pretty much walked by and decided to buy it,” says Tim. In his time there, Tim has rebuilt the front porch (now a favorite spot for neighbors to gather on warm summer evenings), fenced the backyard and seeded the lawn. The seeding of the lawn was quite the topic of discussion and friendly mockery among the neighbors who referred to it as Tim’s “Chia Yard” or the “wall-papered lawn.” Yet it was Tim who had the last laugh as his efforts and unorthodox methods paid off; his lush lawn is now the envy of the neighbors.

Lawn-derision aside, the neighbors are one of the highlights of Harrison West from Tim’s perspective. From impromptu porch gatherings to potlucks and summer parties, the small and quiet Bradley Street is home to a lively bunch of individuals who enjoy each other’s company and take advantage of the camaraderie whenever the mood strikes them. Tim is known as the go-to guy for pet sitting and the beloved regular caretaker of his neighbor’s felines and canines. His wine supply flourishes when the neighbors have to go out of town and he watches the furry kids.

Tim is an avid cyclist and foodie. The proximity to the bike trail is perfect for him as he bikes daily in the summer months. His passions combine when he makes the trek up the Olentangy River Greenway to The Hills Market at the north end of the path to stock up on culinary delights. You can also find Tim working as a volunteer for Pedal Instead at the bike corral for the Community Festival, Pride and OSU games. Tim’s latest undertaking was planting a vegetable garden this past summer. His bounty of green beans, Swiss chard, kohlrabi, cabbage, herbs and peppers was coveted by the local groundhog. When Tim could beat her to the harvest he was rewarded with fresh vegetables for cooking. Fortunately the groundhog was indifferent to the cayenne and jalapeno peppers that Tim planted, so he has a nice supply of ground and dried peppers for cooking. If his neighbors are lucky Tim will cook up a batch of chili to share.

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