Resident Profile – Jacob and Julie Sukosd, 31

Jacob & Julie Sukosd

by Mary Martineau

Jacob and Julie Sukosd, or “Jake” and “Julz” to their pals, have lived in Harrison West since 2004. Julie is a Social Media Strategist for Resource Interactive and works conveniently down the road in the Arena District. Jacob is a Purchasing Manager for Worthington Industries and enjoys the “reverse commute” that other Harrison West residents find so convenient.

When the couple started their house hunt, they felt that they were priced out of German and Victorian Villages. They were in search of a home that would be both historically and architecturally significant and located in an authentic urban neighborhood. As avid Café Corner patrons, they were familiar with Harrison West, and the Harrison Park project, which would turn the former AC Humko factory brownfield into an upscale housing community, had recently been announced. When they discovered their late 1800s-era home on Pennsylvania Avenue (that’s the green one on the Monopoly board for you old-school gamers), they were elated.

The couple surmises that their abode is one of the original farmhouses in the area. It has windows on all sides, and it’s even rumored to have ghosts (although they haven’t encountered any…yet). After purchasing the property, the Sukosds made sure that “all systems were go” by replacing a few of the main components—including the roof and furnace—and updating the electric service. From there they moved on to improving the curb appeal of the house with paint, landscaping and a porch renovation. The couple spent an entire summer stripping all of the home’s exterior woodwork, including posts and trim. Aside from the parlor, they did not initially do much interior renovation, but they are currently discussing a complete upstairs renovation that would include new closets in two bedrooms, the addition of a laundry room and the renovation of the bathroom.

Jacob and Julie love the location, location, location of Harrison West and its proximity (there’s that word again!) to “everything.” According to Julie, “it is smack dab between The Ohio State University and downtown, it has great parks and the bike trail, and it only takes me five minutes to get to work.” When they are not working around the house, attending Harrison West Society meetings or being lured by the siren call of the local Target, you might find Julie on the couch engrossed in her guilty pleasure of “really bad television” with Jacob next to her indulging in his favorite extravagance, a bag of potato chips.

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