No Parking (on the Dance Floor?)

No ParkingOn June 14, 2016, the city re-installed No Parking signs on the east side of Michigan Avenue. As some members have noted, the amount of parking on Michigan from Goodale Street to Buttles Avenue has increased significantly since the opening of the Trotter’s Gate community. The combination of a constricted roadway and continued large truck traffic servicing Superior Beverage and other industries in the vicinity made the stretch of road unsafe for drivers and pedestrians.

In early spring, the Harrison West Society asked the city to add the signs but were rebuffed by officials in the Division of Traffic Management who felt that traffic flow in the area was adequate. Upon further investigation, however, the city discovered that No Parking signs had hung in the target area but had beeb removed during construction. The Division of Traffic Management changed direction and agreed to replace the signs.

Please be aware of the change. Enforcement has been lax during this transition phase, but we expect it to pick later in June.

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