Business Profile – Curry & Associates

Curry & Associates

Dean & Nancy Curry

by Mary Martineau

Curry & Associates, Inc. is a cash-flow acceleration resource owned by Dean and Nancy Curry, who have the distinction of being both residents and business owners in Harrison West. Dean and Nancy formed Curry & Associates in 1999, and they’re celebrating the start of its 12th year in business. Their enterprise provides to their customers in Ohio and throughout the United States and Canada the most advanced and the widest range of transaction and collection systems available. Every service that they provide is designed to secure their clients’ business revenue faster, easier and more economically than their competitors. While technology—hardware, software and partner companies—is an important part of their offerings, their total focus is on improving the cash flow of their clients. Through the company’s resources and those of their partners, Curry & Associates, Inc. provides very powerful cash-flow acceleration relationships and value-added services to their merchants.

Curry & Associates landed in Harrison West because Dean and Nancy wanted to work near their home. Formerly residents of Powell, the Currys moved to Harrison West in 2008 and brought their business with them. The duo loves the neighborhood for its variety of housing styles and its proximity to the activities they love to do. As ever-hopeful Columbus Blue Jackets fans and huge proponents of downtown urban living, the Currys knew they had discovered a neighborhood for both themselves and their company when they found their house on Perry Street in the Harrison Park Condos.

Being both residents and business owners in Harrison West, Dean and Nancy are involved in the community on two fronts: personal and professional. They fully support the community and look forward to providing assistance for its ongoing growth and quality of living. You can find them at monthly Harrison West Society meetings, and they plan to serve on committees, participate in clean-up activities and do whatever they can to benefit our neighborhood and community.

We have heard it in interview after interview, and the Currys continue the mantra: Harrison West is great for its proximity to so many things that its residents like to do. It truly is a walking community for those who want it to be, and the nearby bike path is a boon for residents. Dean just got a new bike and plans on using it often! And he finds the reverse commute that many of our residents enjoy to be convenient for morning business meetings. The Currys are very fond of their neighbors as well. When they first moved in, they found everyone to be welcoming. They have developed some great relationships and enjoy spending time with their neighbors. They value the sense of community that exists in Harrison West.

Dean and Nancy believe that the future of Harrison West is very bright, and they have invested in it as both residents and business owners. They are always excited to hear about development in and around the neighborhood and are especially excited that Harrison Park, our newest gem adjacent to the Olentangy River, is so close to being done. They are excited that the Grandview Yard project is growing and look to OSU’s continued expansion of its medical facilities to bring more people to the area, thereby improving the community dynamic. And the Currys are happy to be right in the middle of it all!

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