Neighborhood Meeting to Discuss Permit Parking Request on Perry St. & W. 4th Ave.

Perry Street Permit Parking Proposal

Proposed Permit Parking Zone

Kristen Easterday, Harrison West Society President, will facilitate a meeting to discuss the permit parking request for Perry Street and West 4th Avenue. The meeting will take place on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 at 7 p.m. at the Harrison Park Condos Community Center. The meeting is a forum in which the permit petitioner, a representative from the city, Short North Civic Association Administrator Chet Ridenour and the Harrison West Society can discuss the best way to address the difficulties that residents in the area have been experiencing since construction began on the new OSU Medical Center. Everyone interested in providing feedback on the proposed permit parking request is encouraged to attend the discussion of this community-wide issue.

You may recall that a neighbor on Perry Street organized a petition and collected enough signatures to apply to the city to change the parking status on portions of Perry Street and West 4th Avenue to permit-only between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. The initiative was the prompted by an influx into the area of contractors from OSU that has resulted in increased litter, early morning noise, open-container violations and an erosion of local residents’ ability to park near their homes, especially during the daytime hours.

At the request of the Harrison West Society, the Transportation and Pedestrian Commission postponed a decision on the permit request for 60 days. The society requested the delay so that neighbors with strong opinions on both sides of the issue could work together to try to find a solution that would be mutually agreeable. The request is now scheduled to be heard on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 5 p.m. January 8, 2014 is our neighborhood’s opportunity to create our own solution to this neighborhood issue. Please plan to attend and offer your thoughts.


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4 Responses to “Neighborhood Meeting to Discuss Permit Parking Request on Perry St. & W. 4th Ave.”

  1. West,
    I moved here 10 years ago and never had a problem until OSU outsourced their parking to CampusPark last year. For me, it really isn’t an issue that people are parking in front of my house, it’s the noise at 5:30 AM. If they came at 9:00 AM, I wouldn’t have an issue. You formed an issue with the residents on 4th and Perry without really understanding the problem. There clearly is a problem if so many residents signed to get the petition. I also don’t want to park on the street because I have seen them back into cars in the tightest of spaces. Let them park on your street.

  2. Here’s an idea for those people who have a problem. Park in front of your homes at night instead of your garages the construction workers wouldn’t be able to park there at 5:15am and wake you up. It would seem there is more concern that someone else can park in front of their homes than actually parking there themselves. This is a vibrant neighborhood in an urban core. We have always had issues with OSU and always will. We we moved here knowing this. Seems very elitist of them to want to regulate who can park on a public street. I think they should go back to the suburbs. This was not a problem until they made it one.

  3. Mark and Kristin – thank you for arranging this important meeting and I look forward and apapreciate your leadership. Given today, a Monday, as OSU is closed and the Battelle and OSU lots are vacant, the inability to share space w/ these commodities seems foreign, crazy, out-dated thinking. Any suggestions on partnering w/ such neighbors? Thx. KT

  4. Thanks for putting this forum together.

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